Transitional Certificate (1-year certificate)

Issued to teachers who are assigned to teach in areas for which they are not endorsed. Transitional Certificates are renewable up to four times depending on course work progress and Superintendent discretion ... renewals are NOT automatic.

  • Teacher applies for a Transitional Certificate from MDOE*

  • Teacher files a Proposal/Timeline for Transitional Endorsement which provides an estimate of time needed to transition to the new endorsement (course work needed, etc.)*

  • MSAD #6 Superintendent files a Transitional Endorsement Affidavit with MDOE which includes an estimated time of completion.*

  • Considering your input, the Steering Committee assigns a Mentor.

  • You and your Mentor develop a TAP for Steering Committee approval. Here is where you articulate your plan for meeting the course work requirement (per State letter) for Transition to the desired endorsement.

  • Give a copy of your proposed TAP to your building representative.

  • Upon Steering Committee approval of your TAP, you and your mentor will monitor your progress in meeting the goals set forth in your TAP

  • In addition to the above steps, the teacher holding a Transitional Certificate must submit an Official Transcript* documenting the required course work for transition to the new endorsement. Six (6) credit hours minimum must be earned each year of the Transitional Certificate. Renewal may not be granted otherwise.

  • Upon completion of TAP, give your TAP and a copy of your Transcript to your building representative for Steering Committee approval.

  • Shortly after you submit all required documentation, you will receive your certification renewal application. It needs to be signed by the Chairperson of the Certification Steering Committee before you can mail it to MDOE. Give your application form to your building representative for Chairperson signature.

  • When you receive your application signed by the Chairperson, complete the few items requested on the application, sign it, and mail it to MDOE (address is on the application form). Make sure you include an original official transcript of your required course work when you send your application to MDOE.

    * When sending these to Augusta, they should go as a complete package.

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