Dear Colleague,

Welcome to Bonny Eagle School District! Certification Steering Committee takes this opportunity to wish you a very successful school year.

In an effort to facilitate your success, we thought it might be helpful for you to know what steps you need to take to be certified to teach in the state of Maine. These steps are outlined in flowchart format in your Teacher Certification Guide. If you do not have a Guide, see your building representative for a copy. Remember, it is your responsibility to maintain your certification. We will be available to help you through the process and to answer questions you may have along the way. Each building has at least one Certification Steering Committee representative. Do not hesitate to ask your representative for assistance regarding your certification. We are resources for you, and if we don't know the answer to your question, we'll find out.

Whether you hold a Provisional or a Conditional certificate, you'll need to have a Mentor and a Support Team; a Transitional certificate holder needs only a mentor.

Ed. Techs are Authorized on 5-year terms. We hope these resources will help you.

Please do not hesitate to contact your building representative with any certification concerns.


After Initial certification, all applications to the state require a recommendation from the steering committee.

Provisional:  ( 2 or 3 year term): Usually issued to newly certified teachers. These teachers need a support team, must be observed by the support team and must prepare and complete a Teacher Action Plan.

Professional: ( 5 year term): Issued to experienced teachers. These teachers must file and complete a Professional Renewal Plan with the steering committee.

Master: ( 5 year term): This is the highest level of certification. Professional level teachers with five years’ experience may apply. Attainment requires a support team and the completion of an action plan.

Conditional: ( 3 year term): Can be Issued to teachers who have not completed the PRAXIS or fulfilled their professional education requirements. These teachers need to complete (pass) the PRAXIS during their first year, and they need to complete 6 credit hours annually (which will be specified by MDE). In addition, the Superintendent must (annually) file an affidavit stating that the district was unable to employ a Provisional or Professional teacher. Conditional teachers need a Mentor.

Transitional: ( 1 year term, maximum of 4 renewals): Issued to teachers who are assigned to teach a subject for which they are not endorsed. These teachers need a mentor and an action plan. Each year they need to file a "Proposal/Timeline for the Transitional Endorsement" and submit verification of completion of at least 6 credits of the coursework required by the state. In addition, the superintendent must file a "Transitional Endorsement Affidavit."

Targeted Need: ( 1 year term):  is intended to address the initial shortage areas of special education, foreign languages, industrial arts, secondary math, secondary life science, secondary physical science and speech and language. These teachers must have a Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university and would not be eligible for a conditional or transitional certificate. Teachers holding this certificate need a mentor and support team and must complete 6 credits per year of the coursework stipulated by the State Department of Education.

Ed Tech Information: Please contact Marie Dismore at Bonny Eagle Middle School.

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