Provisional Certificate (2-year certificate)

Teachers holding this certificate are working toward a 5-year Professional Certificate.

  • Considering your input, the Steering Committee assigns a Mentor.

  • You select your Support Team (see descriptions)

  • Your Mentor will need a Checklist for Final Report.

  • You and your Mentor develop a TAP for Steering Committee approval.

  • Give a copy of your proposed TAP to your building representative. (See Checklist for Final Report for submission date of your TAP.)

  • Upon Steering Committee approval of your TAP, you and your mentor will monitor your progress in meeting the goals you set for yourself in your TAP.

  • Your Mentor observes you a minimum of six times over the two years of your certificate. (at least 3 times each year - Your Mentor may observe more if he/she wishes, but only 3 each year need to be recorded on the Checklist for Final Report.)

  • Once you and your Mentor are satisfied that all TAP goals have been met, and your mentor has observed you in action six times, your mentor and support team members will sign the Checklist for Final Report and your Mentor will give it to your building representative to submit for Steering Committee approval and recommendation.

  • Shortly after your mentor submits the Checklist for Final Report, the Chair of the Certification Committee will recommend you for a professional license through the online DOE teacher portal.

  • You will need to create an account in the DOE teacher portal. Once created, you will need to submit your renewal fee through the teacher portal. It is imperative that you renew prior to the expiration date on your certification. This is important in order to keep your CHRC effective.

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