Welcome to Bonny Eagle - Helping all students reach their full potential

Vision The Bonny Eagle School District in partnership with the community embraces a system of continuous improvement in a safe and supportive learning environment
Mission The mission of the Bonny Eagle School District is to help all students reach their full potential
Guiding Belief > We believe that education and learning are our primary objectives > We believe in the development of the whole child/learner and the emotional safety of our students > We believe that our educational resources need to meet the changing needs of learners > We believe that our District facilities should be safe and secure for students and staff > We believe in a progressive system of employment and retention > We believe in providing multiple pathways for academic achievement in a culture of collaboration
Maine School Administrative 6 is currently the largest SAD in the State of Maine and one of the largest school systems in our State.  We are located in the southern end of the State of Maine.  Our District serves the towns of BuxtonHollisLimingtonStandish and Frye Island; representing portions of York and Cumberland counties.  Geographically, the District covers approximately 182 square miles.
> There are approximately 3,300 students enrolled in the District > The District operates the largest public sector bus fleet in Maine > Our vehicles travel a total of 5,300 miles each day > There are six elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school in our District > The District has over 700 employees ____________________________________
Board Meeting Eleven (11) members comprise the Board of Directors - three (3) from Buxton, one (1) from Frye Island, two (2) from Hollis, two (2) from Limington and three (3) from Standish.  The Directors hold two regularly scheduled meetings per month on the first and third Mondays at 6:00 p.m.  Additional meetings are advertised on our website, social media sites, and in advance by local newspapers
Board Minutes and Agendas may be viewed online
Contact Us MSAD 6/RSU 94 Main Street Buxton, ME 04093 207-929-3831