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Welcome to Bonny Eagle School District!

Our District’s Certification Steering Committee (Need Access) takes this opportunity to wish you a very successful school year. In an effort to facilitate your success, we thought it might be helpful for you to know what steps you need to take to be certified to teach in the state of Maine.

These steps are outlined in a PowerPoint, “Certification Steering Committee and YOU” that our Committee Member Stacey Steeves has created for Teacher Certification.

Remember, it is your responsibility to maintain your certification. We will be available to help you through the process and to answer questions you may have along the way. Each building has at least one Certification Steering Committee Representative, do not hesitate to ask your representative for assistance regarding your certification. Committee Member Heather Silva has created a certification renewal process flow sheet to help with your recertification.

For an updated Activities Approved for Credit sheet Click Here

We are resources for you, and if we don't know the answer to your question, we'll find out. Please do not hesitate to contact your building representative with any certification concerns.

Certification Types

    Teacher Certifications

    Applicants must renew on the DOE website. After the application is completed on the website, the state requests a recommendation from the Steering Committee. After the recommendation from the steering committee is approved, the applicant must complete their payment.


    (5 year term): Issued to all teachers. These teachers must file and complete a Professional Renewal Plan with the steering committee.

    A Professional certificate is issued to experienced teachers. These teachers must file and complete a Professional Renewal Plan form Pre-Approval Form with the Certification Steering Committee for all hours earned toward recertification. Teachers must complete 90 hours or 6 credits within a five-year window for their renewal.


    (3-year term): Can be Issued to teachers who have not completed the PRAXIS or fulfilled their professional education requirements.

    These teachers need to complete (pass) the PRAXIS during their first year, and they need to complete 6 credit hours annually (which will be specified by MDE). In addition, the Superintendent must (annually) file an affidavit stating that the district was unable to employ a Professional teacher. Conditional teachers need a Mentor.

    You will need to create an account in the DOE teacher portal. You will need to follow the online instructions (you may be required to upload your transcripts and other work that was required in the MDOE letter you originally received) and pay your renewal fee. It is imperative that you submit all paperwork and fees prior to the expiration date on your certification in order to maintain your CHRC status.

    Remember, this is a three-year certificate. The above process will need to be repeated each year that you hold a Conditional Certificate (which may include a new affidavit from the Superintendent - this is not automatic, but rather based on satisfactory progress toward coursework completion).

    Flow Chart

Files & Folders (A-Z)

2023-2024 Certification Steering slideshow.pptx
21-22 certification steering committee.pdf
23-24 Certification Steering Committee.docx
certification committee prp for teachers - fill in version.pdf
Certification Renewal Process Flow Chart
Certification & You
chrc application (initial).pdf
conditional certificate renewal flowchart.pdf
Ed Tech Information
educational technician professional development form.pdf
NEW: Approved Activities
PRP Certification Form AP.pdf

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