Eleven (11) members comprise the Board of Directors - three (3) from Buxton, one (1) from Frye Island, two (2) from Hollis, two (2) from Limington and three (3) from Standish. The Directors hold two regularly scheduled meetings per month on the first and third Mondays at 6:00 p.m. Additional meetings are advertised on our website, social media sites, and in advance by local newspapers. Meetings are live streamed and if you are unable to watch the meeting, videos are available on our District YouTube Page here. Board Minutes and Agendas may be viewed online as well.

The MSAD 6 Board of Directors invite the public to attend their meetings. They feel that it is very important for interested persons to know about the workings of MSAD 6. Further, it is important for the Board and Administration to understand what is important to the community. The public is invited to participate in the meeting in accordance with the policy and rules established by the Board.

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